Our Summer

Hello Everyone!

As promised I have some pictures from our trip to Greece to visit my family.
They are a little shy so I won’t post personal pictures nor will I mention where in Greece we were.
For those who visit Greece a lot, you might recognize yourself so please don’t mention the place in your comments below.
Thank you very much while I try to keep my family’s wish to remain low profile.

Of course I took some pictures on the plane and Greece from the sky.

 Of course there were a lot of selfies but I will not bore you too much with them! LOL

Some landscape pictures, we had such good weather while we were there. It’s always windy in Greece in August and the temperature never went below 30 degrees Celsius and the maximum we had some days was 37 degrees Celsius.

 The best time of the day is when the Sun comes down! and I love this tree that looks like a heart!

 While we were there there was a full moon and these are my artistic pictures of it.

    It feels so nice to sit in the shade of a tree and just relax…

 Of course it wouldn’t be Greece without all those cats relaxing!

 And I always like to take a picture of the ground I am walking on, there is this trend on Instagram with the hashtag #Ihavethisthingwithfloors and I love to post there. Of course my family and my husband always tease me for this but Oh well! LOL and I will not bore you too much with this either, but it’s a part of me so there you go…

We visited a Monastery on the 15th August when we celebrate St Mary’s day, and it was really lovely to just pray a little and light a candle and just meditate for a while.

We had 3 wonderful weeks with my family, enjoying good food and the sun and the sea and really just relaxing. We filled our batteries for the cold winter of Norway!

I really enjoyed my cold coffee or as we call it in Greece, Cappuccino Freddo. It’s my favorite kind of coffee when it’s so hot!

 And to finish with my post some pictures from the trip back.
I hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures.
Thank you for visiting,
xoxo Olga

11 replies to “Our Summer

  1. Very much enjoyed you sharing your wonderful trip photos with blogland. You're a good photographer! The seascapes were lovely, and it looks like the sky was always blue. The moonscape is great, and I've had trouble capturing that when we're at our daughter's, and try to get a good picture of how the moonlight shimmers on the water. Yours was beautiful. Glad you had the warmth before you face a cold winter!! TFS & Hugs


  2. Olga, thank you for taking me on your trip to Greece! I've never been there, and enjoyed touring it through your experiences! Lovely terrain, artwork, local color, and WOW those water and beach views are incredible! I enjoyed your #floors, your beautiful face saying, “I love it here!” and seeing all the fun you had. Nothing as romantic and awe inspiring as a full moon! Glad you are home safe and sound. hugs, de


  3. You've had a nice holiday.
    Were you on a holiday on the mainland ?
    How nice to be back three weeks with your family.

    We also keep in Greece, every year (preferably more often but unfortunately that does not).
    When I see your pictures I would like to return again.

    Hugs Bianca.


  4. Beautiful photos, Olga! Thanks so much for sharing! I really enjoyed looking at them! The ground shots are so fun and of course I enjoyed seeing all the kitties! Greece looks so beautiful and picturesque! I like the heart-shaped tree and gorgeous sunsets! Looks like you had a wonderful trip! And I imagine it was wonderful to see your family again!


Thank you so much for your comment! It always makes me so happy when I read them! xoxo Olga

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